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Gift boxes nowadays come in a variety of shapes and colours. Long gone are the days when only specific cardboard gift boxes, in a standard brown colour, were the only ones available in the market. Colour gift boxes augment the presentation of any gift. They are not only available in different coloured materials, but the finishing of the boxes gives them a unique appeal.

PACKQUEEN is a company that has made its mark in the packing and gift box industry. They manufacture colour gift boxes in a variety of colours and designs, which are ideal for packing any type of product. From matte to glossy, the colour gift box texture is made unique in every way to enhance appeal and appearance. Colour gift boxes online by PACKQUEEN have gained immense popularity as online options are unique and different from the ones available in regular shops. PACKQUEEN offers amazing wholesale deals on all colour gift boxes online and customers now have a wider selection than ever with different colours in a variety of sizes.

The infinity window boxes are PACKQUEEN's custom and unique design are preferred by the customers over traditional designs. The small window in the gift box allows for the display of the product inside making it more appealing.

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